Dental nightmare

I was going to write a HILARIOUS post on the signs of Spring. Then yesterday, we woke up to 10cm of new snow which isn't very spring-like, or hilarious, at all. Maybe next week, I'll write about Spring.
In other news, I've had major trouble with the roots on one of my front teeth. Of course, the pain hit at the weekend. I had, pre-agony, got an appointment with an endodontist in mid-April to check out an old Singaporean root canal. There had been a niggle a few weeks back to prompt this; I'm not a sadist. Desperate for help, with my dentist's office closed on saturday, I called the endodontist's practise on saturday afternoon. A colleague of the guy I had the appointment with was very rude telling me basically that he couldn't help me, that I should try going through the telephone book to find someone kinder and more accommodating. Someone with a heart. He had the cheek to say that if I had called at 10 am that morning he might have helped me. Well you know I had tried to get an appointment 10 days previously, but clearly that didn't count for anything. Gosh, the man was horrid. Eventually on sunday, I found out by further online searching that Oslo kommune runs an emergency dental practise in the city. Shame heartless endodontist guy didn't think to tell me this the day before. We all traipsed in and I was treated by the kindest female dentist in the world. At least that's how she seemed at the time. It's not everyday you're begging someone to cut into your gum to release the pressure of an abscess, is it?
Anyway, the penicillin has kicked in, my swollen chin is less swollen, the gauze that got stuck in the wound has just been yanked out by the dentist - yes that's more dentist trips in the last fortnight than in the past ten years all together - and I am almost able to chew food again.
I spent all monday morning, ringing up endodontists, speaking Norwegian with a lisp, trying to get an appointment to sort out the root canal before easter. I don't want to get stuck on a spanish island in agony, begging the local butcher to yank out my front tooth out of desperation to get rid of the pain. But it seems, if one needs specialist dental treatment in the Oslo area, one must predict one's pain weeks in advance.
At least by time I get to see the endodontist on April 13, spring really will have arrived. Won't it?


Dot said...

Poor you! And why does this kind of thing always happen at the weekend?

Our grandmothers' generation tended to have all their teeth taken out and replaced by nice hygienic dentures at the earliest opportunity - certainly my grandmother did (she started out with buck teeth) - and while I consider this unduly drastic I can see the arguments in favour.

Irish Mammy said...

Sorry to hear that, I am amazed that it was not more organised? You could always take the Peig advice on the old rotting teeth and that was to chew on raw Turnip (presumably to break the tooth). Or to tie a string around the bad tooth and attach the other end to a door handle, then have someone shut the door. Then serious Poteen.

OSLO said...

Dot - my kids think it's really funny that my dad puts his teeth in a glass every night. My mother doesn't. I would quite happily have this tooth pulled an dbe done with it but its a front tooth AND if I get any more gaps I will have to consider dentures or a soft solid diet.

Irish Mammy - I too was amazed that it wasn't better organized. I've got the impression from speaking to people that the private dentist didn't want to give me information about a public emergency service. Weird in a country that prides itself on equality and has a very well run public health service that is considered good enough for all. Dentistry it seems, is different. I'll bare the turnip tip in mind if I'm unfortunate again :)