Happy St Patrick's Day

It's St Patrick's Day which, when you are living in Norway, is very much the same as any other day. Except you send the kids to school with badges on that say stuff like 'The World's Cutest Leprechaun' and wearing t-shirts with 'Irish Princess' printed across their chests. My youngest leprechaun is home sick, feeding his kids' television addiction, while Mummy erm works in her pyjamas and procrastinates on shoving the vacuum cleaner around the place.
Tonight though I will cast such domesticity aside, transfer the children and car seats to my husband at the school once Brownies and the piano lesson are done, and head off in my glad rags - something other than jeans and skipants that is - to fraternize with other members of the Irish diaspora at the Irish ambassador's residence.
Oh it's a glamourous life, to be sure, to be sure. Somehow I do not see diplomatic shindigs in my crystal ball for St Patrick's Day 2011. But then again by the end of today that could have changed too, as the ongoing saga of 'where the feck are we moving to' continues.


Irish Mammy said...

Oouuu, very posh! Hope they spoiled you there!

Anonymous said...

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RennyBA's Terella said...

Belated Happy Paddy Day!

Sorry we did not met at the parade on Saturday :-( Hope to see you soon and in the mean time: Happy Weekend :-)

Cinderwriter said...

Ahh. St. Patty's in Germany was interesting too. First thing in the morning I ran out of my house and gave all the children walking to school a shamrock beaded necklace. A raid repairman was watching me so I gave him one as well. When I explained why he just looked at me dumbfounded. But I have seen him several times now and he always smiles and waves, which is quite impressive from a German you do not know personally.
Happy St. Patty's Day!
Spreading Irish cheer in Deutschland,

OSLO said...

Cinderwriter - sounds like you found way to break the ice :) Shame you can't go around giving out shamrock necklaces all year round - well not without looking like a loony I guess!