Well the dental pain has subsided thanks to the antibiotics, and I've got an extra dose of drugs in case the infection flares up again during the easter holidays. We're going to the sun. Well not the sun exactly, but a place where it tends to shine all year round. I've been rooting out summer clothes, checking if they still fit, mine and the kids. My eldest daughter danced with glee yesterday as she tried out summer tops and skirts; I just felt cold looking at her. But dragging out thin cotton garments is not just about a week in the Canaries this time. We now know that we are moving to a tropical city where such clothes will be our uniform. No more boots, jackets, socks, sweaters or scarves. If I hadn't actually lived in South East Asia (hint!) before, I probably couldn't imagine it. I still don't want to say where we're going until my husband has signed his contract. Call it superstition. I also need to let friends know; I don't think any of them actually read my blog, but I don't want someone feeling put out if they do and hear it here first. As soon as he has signed on the dotted line, I will tell all. In the meantime, I have a new line in my job description; researcher and compiler of school applications. All the schools I have approached are currently full but hopefully families will be moving on and will start telling their schools soon. Their application forms are very, very detailed. Vaccinations records, school records, dietary issues, health checks, and so on. The poor printer is working overtime spewing out three copies of the multiple forms required to apply to four schools. It's a luxury I know, but kind of weird too, hoping to be chosen, especially as the whole school thing is such a central part of the childrens', and hence the family's, lives. It's a long way from the local school down the road, that's for sure.
I'm posting a photo taken when I was six months pregnant with my first child in the city where we are to make our next home. This is the first time in my life we are actually moving to a place I have visited before arriving there to live. If I'd had a crystal ball back in December 2000, I'd have visited some of the schools. Ah well.


June said...

I know where that is!!! Turning green with envy! And green doesn't suit me at all ;)

OSLO said...

Oh June, I did think of you soon after we got the news. Had hoped to break it gently ;)

Batgirl said...

Congrats! Can't wait to hear where it is you're heading to :-)

RennyBA's Terella said...

So you can smell spring is in the air after all :-)

I'm happy for you of course, but sorry to know you're leaving Norway before our gathering in August.

Btw: The next OsloBG supporters meeting will be the 10th of June at the First Millennium Hotel - you're of course welcome to join us!

Irish Mammy said...

Congrats, how exciting!! I know what you mean about moving country and not actually ever living there until you move there. Can be exciting but also a bit overwhelming. Dying to hear where exactly it is, what a change mostly snow to mostly sun. And the nomad legend lives on!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you---- I know where it is !! and you can rejoin the book club .
Do carry on Blogging and good luck with the
book .


Michele said...

I admit to feeling jealous of your move to a warmer clime; I may have to stop reading your blog during the winter. ;-) I'm anxious to know where you're going, so don't forget to tell us!

That picture fooled me for a minute! I thought, gah, she's full of surprises!

OSLO said...

Batgirl - have posted our new destination :)
Renny - depending on my husband's travel commitments for any sort of social life, but hope I can make June 10
IrishMammy - we're basically moving to a sauna for the next 5-6 years ;)
Elizabeth - think you may have guessed SG but close enough :)
Michele - surprises? Shocking more like! I think I'm really going to miss the seasons once we leave. Easy say in Spring of course when the sun is shining and the Norwegian summer is stretching ahead :)

Joanne said...

I was to say the same as Michele, I open up the blog and went argh Jo is up the duff again x