Chick Lit Upgrade

Yesterday I was in Norli in Sandvika Stor Senter. This branch of Norli is, I believe, the largest book shop in Norway. Unfortunately it's teeming with books in Norwegian. This didn't stop me glancing longingly at the few shelves of English novels and visualizing how my 'work-in-progress' might look there, and who its neighbours might be. Something by Doris Lessing wouldn't be bad company to be keeping. Alas, the odds are very, very long but one can dream (and write of course).
Anyway, I noticed the sign above the Chick Lit section and thought, 'Wow! That IS clever re-branding. Marian Keyes and Cecilia Ahern must be thrilled.' Chic Lit sounds good doesn't it. Anyone read any?


Batgirl said...

Chic lit? Hmm, does that mean I have to start reading books on Coco Chanel?

On the other hand, I've read a lot of Marian Keyes - started with her best book in my opinion (Anybody Out There?), and read the rest in random order. I've only read Thanks for the Memories by Cecilia, though.

RennyBA said...

Nope, and it looks a bit too pink to me :-)


Chic lit would have to be better than chick lit, right?

Marian's writing I could cope with, but Cecilia's - nnnnnnooooooo.
Did you hear she is about to have a little chick of her own? (Irish lit/celeb gossip!!) Of course it won't put a stop to her gallop/'literary' output. Being a gazillionaire she will be able to afford a live in nanny.
Bitter, moi?!?
Well, yes.....

OSLO said...

Batgirl - I'm not chick/chic it fan myself but do like Marian Keyes's non-fiction writing.
RennyBA - I take it you're not into commercial women's fiction then ;)
WRW -I didn't know about Cecilia's pregnancy but my mother, who was staying with us, apparently did. I guess this means the public are in for a a line of Supernatural Mommy Lit in the next few years. Groan!


Hee hee. Yes, the mind boggles as to what Mommydom will do for her 'art'.

Batgirl said...

Haha :-) I wouldn't call what that woman does art. I don't know - "everyone's" raving about her books, and I found the only one I read predictable (from the first chapter) and not very well written. Needless to say, I'm reluctant to read another of her books. Marian disappointed me too - should have stuck with just the one book, but I kept on reading, hoping to find another gem like it. Maybe her non-fiction stuff will be more to my taste?

All that being said - I could never write a novel (I find 1 article every 3 years hard enough!), so I guess I don't really have the right to criticise them :-)