Reasons, randomly assorted, why I haven't been blogging:
1. I've spent more time on the beach in the past few weeks than I have in the previous three years.
2. On non-beach days, the weather has been so cr**p, that I haven't wanted to spread the doom and gloom that hangs around the house in such weather.
3. I'm hanging around the house with three children.
4. One of these children is a toddler, a text-book terrible twos type toddler. (I've been fortunate enough to have a more socially acceptable type on two occasions before - yes by that I mean girls - but third time I wasn't so lucky).
5. The toddler is a boy.
6. I only typed the first sentence of this post before being interrupted by having a Hannah Montana piece of cardboard thrust in my face for inspection. There are many such interruptions.
7. When the God of Children Entertaining Themselves Indoors in Inclement Weather smiles down on me I do things like laundry, remove dried oatmeal from the table, floor, everywhere, and feed my latest Facebook addiction called Bejeweled Bedazzle or something like that. If you want to avoid wasting great swathes of your precious leisure/cleaning time, DO NOT go near this ridiculous game. Seriously, don't.
8. I've nothing new to say about Norway. I've been here almost five years and now think it is perfectly normal to have a packet of brown cheese in the fridge, to remortgage the house to pay parking charges, and to wear wellies in the city centre on a sunny day. Well it is, isn't it?
9. I'm spending all my free time writing my novel. This is a whopping great lie. I just want you to know that I am STILL writing a novel. Haven't abandoned the great oeuvre yet. No, not yet.
10. I've run out of excuses - no I haven't. Toddler has just emptied a spoon of porridge over his sister's head. Gotta go.



Ah the joys. I could add my own list but I wouldn't be left alone long enough to type it. I wonder if Cecilia will have to deal with puke, oatmeal etc etc ? OK, I'll shut up about it now...I'm just narky because writing hasn't made me a millionaire. New life is a beautiful thing & I honestly wish her the best.

Batgirl said...

LOL :-) Loads of great excuses!

Michele said...

And I've lived here long enough to think it's perfectly normal that someone wouldn't blog in July. It's July! The entire nation is on holiday! :-)

I have a Facebook friend who swears Bejeweled Blitz is just a gateway game to something called Heroin Hijinks. ;-)

Caroline said...

Best excuses I ever heard :)

RennyBA said...

You need no excuses - we all need a blog break once in a while.