Beach relief

Kalvøya Beach, July 3, 2009

My last post was a gripe about litter at the beach. I’ve hardly had a chance to write since as we were spending so much time at the beach. And not the same boring beach every day either. No, last week we went to four different beaches all less than 15 minutes drive from our house, and came home to our hot house, tanned and sweaty, toting sandy towels and an empty cool box. It was almost possible to believe we were living in a country that wasn’t Norway. I started to imagine that I could never live in another country ever again, that Norway is paradise. OK, so maybe there was a touch of heat stroke involved but seriously, when the sun is shining, I can't think of a better place to live in.

Folks, I even went swimming in the fjord! I haven’t swum in non-tropical waters for at least 20 years. Last week, the alternative was to expire in front of my children while wearing a bikini – not the way I hope to go.

Well this week we’re back to rain and cooler temperatures and to be honest it’s a relief to de-sand the house, pack away the bikinis, and sleep with a duvet again (all temporary of course. We don’t’ want summer to be completely done with us). For the moment though, no more night walks in search of fresh air and to check that the children haven’t stopped breathing in the tropical heat from which the only relief involved getting into the car and turning up the air-con to hurricane level. Not ideal sleeping conditions.

I bet the guys and gals who clean up the beaches are sitting back with a coffee and a newspaper this morning, grateful for the inclement weather. After last week's work overload, I think they deserve the break.


Michele said...

We were living the same way down here! It was spectacular. The water is warm(ish), not too many jellyfish, and it was so, so hot in the house. But yesterday, just like you, I put my summer duvet back into its cover (I was sleeping only under the cover...) and both me and the cat are snuggling it. I do hope for at least one more hot spell before September, though. Fingers crossed!

RennyBA said...

I was there too - you might have seen my post from the island - and I had to cool down in the water of course ;-)