ME, The Movie

I don’t usually do memes because I’m too lazy, but Aidan over at Faoiseamh passed the baton on casting the story of my life (the movie), and well I’ve nothing else to write about, so here it goes. Ah yes, the story of my life, the plotline of which would be a cross between the tedium of Driving Miss Daisy and the histrionics of High School Musical. Who, who, who could play me?

Obviously the part would require someone fiery, neurotic, and emotional, with freckles. Lindsay Lohan? Too fiery, too neurotic, too bisexual? Julianne Moore, perhaps? Plenty of freckles, but perhaps too delicate of features and voice. And she’s older then me which clearly isn’t on; I should be portrayed by a young actress who is willing to have freckles, crows feet and a groove between her eyebrows applied in the make-up trailer every day in the hope of an Oscar nod for ‘playing ugly’ a la Charlize Theron in Monster.

So I think I’ll go for Rachel Wiesz. She’s stunning, a convincing actress who I’m sure could do a good Irish lilt if asked, and she has fabulous hair and dress sense. Nuff said.
For my husband I should probably cast a young Ed Harris but really as this would probably be the chance of a lifetime to snog Mads Mikkelsen (whilst showing Rachel how it’s done of course), I’d have to go for him. Well, at least he’s Danish, so of the right provenance if not a tad older, and less attractive of course, than my beloved.
My children would have to play themselves as really life in our house is like just like drama school complete with resident prima donnas.
Well then, that’s the lead casting done for Johanna The Movie. I’d a little bit concerned about the plot though. Officially it’s still in development but between you and me, I think I’ve lost it.

I'm meant to also tell you that this meme started here. Beaverboosh, Mel, Joanne and Caroline, fancy a go? Check out the rules here.

Oh dear. Here comes a postscript. It turns out that Rachel Wiesz was in fact born only 18 days before me so agewise she's a good match. Why does she look so much younger? Sulk!


Samual said...

i'd rather see a film about you than high school musical 3! thats for sure

god knows who'd play me in a film but id insist on a natural red head

Caroline said...

She is worthy of playing you. Excellent choice!

I wrote 'my' script last night but it was after eating a Mars bar and two cups of coffee. I rambled on about so much nonsense - it aint funny. Have to make it shorter!
Had fun writing it tho!

Aidan said...

Love it. Rachel Weisz is a really great actress. I noticed you didn't even think about Sarah Jessica Parker despite your earlier post.
I have never heard of Mads Mikkelsen. Every time they want to have a Scandinavian in an English speaking movie they seem to have Stellan Skarsgård.

Simply-Mel said...

Shoooo-weeee! Nice educated exclamation huh?

Cool post - am totally gonna give it a crack...watch my space!

OSLO said...

Samual - I applaud your good taste.
Caroline - will pop over and see what you came up with.
Aidan - did think of SJP, but figured that it wouldn't be enough of a stretch for her acting-wise- MM was the villain in the last Bond movie - not at his handsomest but he's in tonnes of Danish movies. Dark and brooding compared to Skarsgård (who's Swedish and fair for those who don't know him).
Mel - will watch your space :-)