Thick as thieves

I’ve started sleeping with my laptop. Not because I am a sad, computer-addicted, insomniac – which I am – but because last week there was a spate of break-ins on our road. I’m being extra careful with my valuables, or at least those that might be of interest to criminals. Hopefully, we’ll be lucky and won’t be targeted but lest anyone reading is tempted by my extensive H&M jeans collection or thinks they might make a buck on that one pair of designer sandals I bought last year in the sales, I feel I should warn you: we’re not worth the trouble of breaking and entering.
We do not have:
A flatscreen, HDTV or even a decent television
An iPhone
A Bang & Olufsen tv, stereo or phone
A stereo that doesn’t have a Bratz logo on it
Cash-filled wallets or handbags
Jewellery worth taking.

Now I know of course, that you guys (and gals), may not be put off by the absence of re-saleable loot downstairs and could be as bold as to venture upstairs to our bedroom in pursuit of my phone and computer. I know this, as it happened to my husband’s colleague as she slept – it was only when her phone alarm didn’t wake her the next day, that she realised it had walked off in some stranger’s pocket from her bedside table. Scary, but at least she’s a deep sleeper. Which I’m not. She has since moved to Alaska by the way after managing to replace her passport, credit cards and driving license which were also taken in the break-in.
Back to me. I’m not a deep sleeper, even when wearing earplugs and an eye-mask. If you come into my bedroom, I will hear you. And you don’t want to disturb me in the middle of the night. Believe me, you don’t. Just ask my children.


Simply-Mel said...

Oi - I thought ick stuff like that was confined to South Africa. At least thats what all my emigrating SA friends tell me......

Then again, you do GET KILLED for your cellphone in SA.

Ha! YOur house sounds like mine!!! Our tv is 10yrs old, the only stereo we have is in Rachels room. My cd and dvd collection are equally pathetic if you exclude my FRIENDS collection!

And yes, I may be almost as scary as you if disturbed at night....maybe. LOL

MacNessa said...

Good to know your macbook is safe and sound! I also put mine 'out of site' after the lights go out. They say that most crimes are 'crimes of opportunity and temptation' so by putting it out of site hopefully anyone who gets as far as looking through my window will not be too tempted by any of our boring old furniture, but then again this is Africa, so maybe boring old furniture is exactly what they're after. I'm surprised to hear there's a problem in Norway though, I always thought the place was largely crime free?

Michele said...

Yikes! Scary to think of so many burglaries happening in your neighborhood, especially if they're occuring when people are home! Apparently burglaries are a problem in little ol' Sandefjord, too, although we don't know anyone who's been victimized. In San Francisco our house was robbed within a month of our moving in. We adopted a Doberman and didn't worry about that anymore. Maybe it's time for you to think about a big dog? :-)

Women Rule Writer said...

Oh God, the time I was broken into when in the house I rented years ago was so scary. It upset me for ages. Hopefully the thief in yr area will be caught soon.
I also think thieves would be sorely disappointed in our house's offerings. If they could be bothered to wade through the clutter, that is.

beaverboosh said...

J, have you told your husband you are sleeping with your laptop, I think he deserves to know!