The slippery slope

All the corn is gone
Summer is officially over in these parts. And I'm already sick, sick, sick of being cold - and that's with four layers on. After our rainy weeks in Ireland, I was quite circumspect about the prospect of a final winter in Norway. But now, with at least nine months of temperatures below 10 C (and predominantly further below) to look forward to, I'm a little bit grumpy. OK, extremely grumpy. And what does a girl like me do when she's feeling a bit below par? Drink? Eat chocolate? Yes of course, but what else? I shop of course.
BUT, even I can see now that I have more more clothes than I can possibly wear AND with novel writing and school runs, the SJP look just isn't a requirement. It really doesn't look good, or feel good, to have one's high heels stuck into the mud while walking from the school car park to the gate, so as much as I'm lusting after a new pair of shoe boots (this season's must-have if you believe in such things), I'm finding it incredibly easy to resist sqandering any more money on fancy, fashionable goods.
But last night I sat down with a catologue to order Aidan's winter woollies - he sleeps outside so a wool uniform of ribbed leggings and sweaters is essential. And then I saw exactly what I need. Wool Pyjamas! For the past three winters, I have been putting two pairs of 'normal' PJs on going to bed and have still been cold (in our non-heated bedroom). Is there a relationship between reduced bone density and the inefficiency of one's internal heater? I suspect there may be. So I think I'm going to order them.
The thing is though, one day you succumb to a pair of wellies, and wear them every day there after, the next it's thermal nightwear that comes from a sheep. Where does all this end up? Not highlighting your hair because no one will see it underneath your woolie hat? Wearing one of those awful outdoor parkdresses that the kids live in because well, really, they are SO practical and cosey?
I worry that I may be on a slippery slope to aesthetic Hell. Still, looking on the positive side, Hell might have something going for it. At least it's warm down there.Posted by Picasa


Joanne said...

I am shivering just reading this post! LOL it is cold here too at the moment even though spring has sprung.

Joanne said...

I am not going to take up your movie challenge as at the moment in my frame of mind the only actors I can come up with are Donald Sutherland and Rosanne Barr!

OSLO said...

Joanne, Roseanne and Donald Sutherland actually sound like a great pairing!

Madeleine said...

Ha ha what a great post!! I like the way you write, I've read a few posts, and it's so easy going and fun to read. I am now waiting for my first winter in Norway in five years, can't say I'm all jumping of joy for the temperatures either..

OSLO said...

Thank you Madeleine. Let's hope it's not really cold one :)