United Colours of the Classroom

Today, I visited my daughter’s classroom for a little end-of-term show. To start with, each child stood and said their name, age and where they came from. Caoilin (7 since last week) caused a ripple of laughter when, instead of saying what country she was from, said ‘I’m half-Irish and half-Danish’. Not to be outdone her best friend then said, ‘I’m half-Indian, half-British but born in Norway,’ Poor mites. Can’t even say what country they’re from. Caoilin was born in Singapore, has citizenship in two countries, neither of which she has ever lived in, and Norway was her third country of residence by time she was three and a half, so you can see her dilemma.
The teacher pointed out that they had the whole world in the classroom – well British, Japanese, American, Dutch, German, Australian, Finnish, Danish/Irish, Indian, Indian/American, Brazilian/American at least.

Oh it’s a long way from St John of God Primary School I can tell you. When I was 7, the most exotic person in the class came from another parish; every single one of us was white, Catholic and terrified of Sr Calista. For goodness sake our school was so homogeneous that they didn’t even let BOYS in. Ah, ‘twas a simple life.

Off on 'holidays' on Saturday so we'll be celebrating St Patrick's Day, Easter and my 37th (see? I'm not embarrassed about telling my age, just in denial that it's actually true) on the beach. Do you think I could buy three dog leashes at the airport to tie to a parasol? Mmm, it's so very, very tempting.


ExpatKat said...

How refreshing to find someone else whose children are totally flumoxed by the question 'Where are you from?'

Have a wonderful break and I understand the dog leash temptation!

Joanne Rasmussen said...

Have a good one holiday and birthday that is! 37 still a spring chicken.

OSLO said...

Thank you both very much.

beaverboosh said...

Hey J,Gratuler med dagen!

Caoilin is fortunate. In the words of nursemyra 'viva la difference'!

RennyBA said...

I think its great to have this multi cultural mix in the classroom and nice to hear you had a nice end of the season gathering.

Talking about Irish: I was at St. Patrick Day Parade in Oslo today and will post about it tomorrow.

I can't remember if I've been here before, but I really like your blog and your style. Married to an American whom I met on the net makes me feel I know a bit about how you might feel about being and expat.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter Holiday :-)

Five-Browns said...

LOL. My kids have lived a very boring life....I also have 2 princesses and a prince..(almost 7; almost 4 and prince is almost 2) so I can so relate to many of your posts!