Our holiday

As you can see, our Spanish holiday accomodation was slightly below the luxurious standard the Nomad family is accustomed to atop the icey hill (where, by the way, Spring seems to have done a runner, leaving us once more shovelling snow from the doorstep. Believe me - arriving home from the airport in platform sandals after midnight to be greeted by a few inches of the white stuff was NOT funny).
We had a lovely holiday, as relaxing as is possible with three young children. I managed to read several books over the 10 days during which we lounged on the beach (in between trips to ZARA and the shoe shop which lay convenientently along the five-minute walk to the beach). The fact that Spanish television is truely awful, making TV Norge seem like the most entertaining channel on the planet in comparison, may have contributed to my prolific reading. Prime-time on Spanish terrestrial television is it seems dominated by gameshows, talent contests, news and dubbed American movies. Yes, everything foreign is dubbed. I tried to watch Robinson Crusoe starring Pierce Brosnan, a dog and some tropical scenery but despite the limited dialogue (there's a very small cast), I just couldn't get into it. I really needed to hear Robinson Crusoe with an Irish accent for the story to be convincing.

Here are some photos of our St Patrick's Day celebrations lest anyone might accuse me of being unpatriotic.

Must go now and pack away the flip flops and numerous new pairs of sandals we brought back with us. Every Nomad under six feet got at least one new pair (OK - I was the one who got several). At least I know my feet won't grow before summer makes an appearance - can't say I'm so confident about the rest of them.


Joanne Rasmussen said...

LOL on the holiday accomodation. Good to hear you had a goodie. Come down here next time, will guarantee you a hot and good time. We are going into winter now and both my kids have outgrown everything. Damn I forget every season change that they will not fit into all those items that are still nearly new in the cupboard.

beaverboosh said...

Isn't it fantastic. At least 4-6 more weeks of good skiing before flip flop weather! Welcome home!

OSLO said...

Joanne, thanks for the kind offer - it's tempting. Are there many shoes shops near you???
One of the advantages of having two girls is that if one doesn't get much wear out of something, I make the second wear it until it falls off her LOL!

OSLO said...

You sound just like my husband who is at this moment is off skiing somewhere while I enjoy quality time with my laptop and three kids - on of whom has just discovered that emptying a bag of oatmeal on the floor and throwing it about is almost as much fun as playing with sand.
Lets hope we actually get flip flop weather this year - and soon!

Five-Browns said...

Hey, any excuse for new shoes....its the one part of my body that remains steadfast despite the birth of 3kids.....and YES; SA has great shoes shops and awesome weather!

RennyBA said...

A perfect proof of that accommodation standard is not that important - it's the attitude and you really seams to be able to enjoy yourself - great post - glad you had such fun.

Your St. Patrick's pics was great too - thanks for sharing!

Wishing you a great week ahead. The weather in Oslo wasn't that good this weekend - lets hope for a better one, next week :-)

ireneintheworld said...

jo, i lived in spain for two years and never turned the tv on; only ever watched dvd on the laptop. x

OSLO said...

My intial reaction to the idea of living without English-language tv long-term is 'oh, my God I couldn't!' but I know for a fact that I read more and sleep better in places where I don't stay up late staring passively at the box (we haven't graduated to flat screens in our house). Maybe I could hack it in Spain after all - at least I wouldn't have to see so much bloody rain! Talk about April showers....
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