Britney for President

I'm not one normally stuck for a word or a 1000 but tonight during dinner I was well and truely gobsmacked.
Daughter #2 (age 5.4) : America is where the president is. I'd like to be president.
Daughter #1: (age 6.9) You can't be - rolls eyes - you don't even live in America.
Mammy (age 30 +) : But you could be president of Ireland some day if you wanted to - silently wonders if Irish is a prerequisite for such a job as if that was the only obstacle.
Daughter #1: Britney Spears is the President of America, isn't she?
Mammy: Gobsmacked!
Thankfully Mammy is very well versed in the latest celebrity happenings, thanks to hours spent writing (i.e. surfing) every day, and was able to explain exactly who Ms Spears is. As for the president of America? Well, Daughter #1 is far too young and idealistic to understand why America would have chosen George W over an allegedly drug-addicted, mentally unstable songstress.


Joanne Rasmussen said...

Hysterical! I think you need to replace the 'Heat Magazine' with the Time or Fin Week LOL

OSLO said...

Sadly HEAT isn't available in Norway making photos of celebrity cellulite yet another treat I look forward to when back in Ireland.

beaverboosh said...

Silly Johanna,
Britney is an American Princess, like Lindsay, Paris and Nicole and Americans hope one day, one of them might catch Prince William (disposing of that bitch Kate), and become the Queen of America... and England. Mental instability, bulimia, alcoholism and feltching run in the royal family, so in the end, most agree American Princesses are well qualified for the role (though personally I think that Wallace Simpson really f**ked it up for any future American Princess).

OSLO said...

I can hardly express my gratitude to you for explaining the concept of royalty in the US. Personally I have my eyes on the heir to the heir of the throne of Denmark for my own princesses - perhaps they could share him. Nothing like a bit of half-Irish peasant to shake things up in Amelioborg.