Doing my bit for the Irish economy

My dad says there are rumours in my home town that the fab new shopping centre isn’t doing very well, allegedly. So, as a selfless gesture, I’ve decided to pack my high heels (well a few pairs of them at least), call ahead for a hair appointment (and most probably a much needed manicure as my nails have not recovered from the self-administered acrylics I received complements on at many a shop counter over Christmas) and take my entourage home in a bid to support the local economy.
So while the rest of Norway will be skiing at their cabins or lounging on their package holiday poolside loungers, I’ll be sacrificing my children’s winterferie break in the name of helping the people back home. God knows how I'll manage the resulting luggage but this is a burden my credit card and I are prepared to bear.
Don’t ever say that I neglect my roots – actually to look at me right now you’d think that that’s exactly what I have been doing but just YOU try and get an appointment at Toni & Guy with Jelena within pre-school hours in the next two weeks!


Joanne Rasmussen said...

Seems like a perfectly good reason to help out. It also sounds like the shops is Oslo are not brilliant?

OSLO said...

Shopping in Oslo has improved considerably in the three years we've been here but it's still not a match for back home (even a town of 20K people)if you're looking for value for money. I'm thinking I'll finally buy my wellies!

ExpatKat said...

Yes, shopping in Oslo is....expensive! Lived in Egersund for 7yrs myself, but everything in Norway costs a fortune. Don't envy you having to clothe 3 kids. I did it myself. Quality was great (you get what you pay for), but choice is limited. Nearly died when I had to buy barnehagedresser for mine, 2 for each child as well! Make sure you get wellies with tyre-like grip too. I ended up on my butt several times in the winter. Good luck!

OSLO said...

Thanks for the welly advice. You're so right about kids' clothes - I nearly had seizures when we first got here over the price of the parkdresses you refer to but now at least I see that the kids wear them more than any other item of clothing (and as my eldest decided this year that pink is too girly and opted for blue, I might get three uses out of them). Still can't beat Penneys and Dunnes for cotton t-shirts, trousers, skirts and pyjamas.