Phone Pests to take Flight

Since enduring our first winter in Norway, it has become a tradition in August/September for me to book flights and accommodation in the Canary islands for the coming March. I used to sneer at people booking holidays so far in advance – how unspontaneous and conventional! - but for three straight years now I have reaped unadulterated joy from the prospect of escaping the Scandinavian winter, consoling my every unsteady step on ice with the notion of 10 days climatic relief. Forget the joys of travelling with three young children and the challenge of keeping at least one eye on each of them every single moment lest some dirty paedophile take a shine to them; the prospect of a few trips to Spanish (therefore cheaper) ZARA and MANGO without the need to wear a duvet and snowboots is enough to sustain me, almost, through December and January. Yes I AM that shallow.
Now as we near February, and the ‘holiday’ is only single-digit weeks away, I’m positively buzzing with excitement (despite the almost pressing need to tackle the pile of summer ironing which has taunted me since September). Even the latest news from Norwegian, this year’s chosen airline for the Nomad family, shall not dampen my spirits. Just fills it with slight foreboding.
According to Aftenposten, the Norwegian airline is putting a gadget in all its planes which will allow passengers to “gossip limitlessly “ on their mobile phones. A spokesperson for the company says that there will be restrictions on where phone users can natter but most likely they will be told to go to the back of the plane. It’ll also cost a bit more than usual to use this phone service.
Oh lord, can you imagine it? Gaggles of nattering folk clogging up the aisle, blocking the way to the toilets and shimmying for position with those queuing to change nappies (people like my poor husband).
Still I’m not going to worry about it. I’ve booked seats mid-way down the plane; with any luck we’ll share a row with some phone addict who loves the sound of his own voice. I’m picturing the airline crew forcing him to abandon his seat for the tail and leave us with some extra space. I already feel sorry for those poor souls with seats at the back.


Joanne Rasmussen said...

It is so hot here at the moment about 30 most days, we swim just to cool down. I am trying to imagine the cold - difficult. What do people do with their pets? Do their houses smell funny? Ha ha, bet you are looking forward to your break.

OSLO said...

I had five years of 30 plus temps before we moved to Oslo but most of the time I can't remember what that was like but am strongly considering moving back to it next year. Have no clue about pets although lots of people near us have dogs. I don't think things smell so bad in the cold not like in the tropics where the mere whiff of food brought out the ants (and worse).