Eurovision 2010

Two Irish former Eurovision Song Contest Winner's are on their way to Oslo. First off will be Johnny Logan, two-times recipient of the prize. He won for the first time 30 years ago. I remember the night very vividly considering I was only two years old at the time. Ahem. Back then, winning the Eurovision was a very large issue of national pride in Ireland. I don't know how things stand these days. Clearly back in 2008, pride wasn't a factor of any sort in choosing an act to represent the emerald isle. Oh you'd forgotten Dustin had you? Well I haven't. Here's a flashback to that nightmare.
So back to Johnny. Johnny Logan is still very popular with Norwegian audiences apparently and is coming over to act as Grand Marshall for the Oslo St Patrick's Day Parade next saturday. Details here. I wish the last 30 years had been as kind to my face as they seem to have been to Johnny's.
The second Eurovision laureate booking flights to Oslo is Niamh Kavanagh. She won back in 1993 and is Ireland's 2010 entry for the competition. Here's a clip of Niamh singing the song 'It's For You.'


Batgirl said...

I loved Dustin!He was a much needed sarcastic entry in a Eurovision that had gotten too serious for its own good (sometimes I wonder if the Eastern Europeans really think their entries are the greatest songs ever - of course, Norway has had its share of horrendous acts). I even had a Go Dustin party :-)

beaverboosh said...

Didn't really have you down as a Eurovision groupie... have a great st. paddy's day girl... Sláinte!

OSLO said...

Batgirl. A Go Dustin party? Sounds like I missed a story there!
BB - how perceptive of you. I don't normally watch Eurovision - at least haven't since I was 10 - but with the show in Oslo this year, I'm taking a impartial journalistic interest. Go on Ireland! Oops.