Need to spend a pound?

According to the Telegraph, Ryanair boss, Micheal O' Leary is thinking of charging passengers to use the on-board loos. He might be joking; then again, he might not be. 

You can imagine it, can't you? You go to buy your ticket online and you're given the option:

                 PRIORITY ON-BOARD PEE - £1
(If you do not avail of this option, you will be faced with a £5 charge in the event that you cannot keep your legs crossed until we land.)

Oh yes, I can see it now. Two lines in the aisle. One line for people waving their priority peeing vouchers, the other weighing up the option of flushing £5 down the loo or peeing in their pants, while vowing next time to pay up-front just in case.

We fly SAS to Dublin anyway, as they give us a 100 kg luggage (i.e. shoe) allowance with our tickets so it works out cheaper, even without paying to pee. With my tiny bladder, it would be a no-brainer.


hexe said...

Would love to see how they enforce this rule? Will flight attendants block those who did not pay to pee?


I thought this must be a joke when I heard it on the radio. But, no. It seems cruel. Some people have to go a lot (older people, pregnant women, kids etc) It's very small hearted of Michael. For once, I can't see any wisdom in his decision.