Today's Headlines


It's an emotive debate in the western world - working mothers. So imagine Norwegian parents glancing innocently at the newsstand this morning on their way to work or on the way home from school drop-off (whichever camp they're in) and faced with two sides of the great debate.

On the top left, we have Dagbladet with the headline 'Warning Young Women Not To Take Long Maternity Leave: Mamma Loses' .  Aftenposten, on the other hand, on the bottom right - diametrically opposite in fact - says: 'Warning Against Early Start in Kindergarden'.

This morning, at least, it seemed that Norwegian women couldn't win - at the newssagents at least.


Caroline said...

Oh the irony LOL. but if that's all they have to write about for today then that's a good thing.

OSLO said...

Caroline - you're absolutely right. It is very representative of newspaper front pages here; it's just not usually so conflicting.

Irish Mammy said...

Unbelievable, you can't win either way!
The Irish Times are allowing articles to be published that "working women" are the cause of the credit crunch. Interesting to see if that will be the next trend in Norway.

hexe said...

Sounds like the front page summarizes the conflict felt by many mothers. And here I was thinking that Norway was so much more progressive than the good old USA.