Weak ankles

D2, the only healthy one this week, twisted her ankle at her skiing lesson on Monday. It prompted my husband to express concern about a possible lifetime of ankle trouble for her as he revealed, for the first time, the fact that he has 'weak ankles'. I mean seriously he tells me NOW after three children. Makes me wonder what other genetic flaws are in store for the poor offspring. 
How's it I never noticed his double joints until they appeared on D1's incredibly long fingers, for instance? She's perfectly equipped to be a piano virtuoso if only I ever got around to organising piano lessons for her. And what about that really irritating noise his jaw makes when eating; how on earth did I not hear that when we were dating. And don't get me started on the snoring! 
At least I was upfront with my physical shortcomings - the nose, the freckles, the hair that can only be smoothed at the hands of a professional, the flat chest, the weak teeth, the short legs. Right. Thinking about it I was clearly lucky to attract a mate at all. Who cares about weak ankles!?


Simply-Mel said...

My daughter was very taken aback by me almost snorting my tea through my nose as I read this post!!

'mommy, you okay'

'Yes, darling am just reading rather amusing blog post'

This is hysterical....I began to mentally list my shortcomings and it does make one wonder yes?

Good to see you still have your sense of humour in spite of the ongoing lurgies in your space.


Joanne said...

My DH has the same irritating jaw habit that he has developed of late and he has a machine for the snoring, he wont let me blog about it though hehe

beaverboosh said...

What, you mean you didn't genetically screen him as part of your pre-selection due diligence process?

OSLO said...

Sorry about your cup of tea, Mel.
Jo - am intrigued about the snoring machine....
BB - clearly this was a major oversight on my part.