In a house of nasty viruses

A mom without a voice is like Samson without his hair, a lion without its roar (literally). Right now I feel as impotent as a man without a penis. (Apologies to any eunuchs reading if this causes a bone of contention).


Caroline said...

Ahh - I so understand the feeling, have just recovered myself!

Hope you get better soon.

Michele said...

Like Caroline, I also just got over a bad and very annoying cold. I told everyone I got germs for Christmas... Hope you feel better soon, Johanna. Make a big hot tottie for yourself---with a decent slug of Irish Whiskey, of course---and tell your husband to take care of the kids. :-) On the bright side, it's a great excuse to spend time updating your Facebook page. :-p

OSLO said...

Thanks Caroline and Michele. Husband was sicker than I, so I had to battle on. We're all on the mend now though.

Heathcote Safari said...

Oops, thought that said a 'boner' of contention: what was I thinking??