Sheepwash (and a Disney store) here I come

Well my bag is nearly packed and tomorrow I fly off to Sheepwash via Stansted and Exeter. For the first time in almost four years, I am flying Ryanair, and am feeling the pressure of their luggage restrictions. A maximum of 15kgs does not a lot of shoes permit. In fact, the only footwear I'm taking are the boots I'm travelling in and my wellies. Oh the pain! 
Such self-control means that I've still got 4 kgs to spare for a very, very small indulgence in Top Shop on Monday before my novel-writing course begins. It seems that 10kgs excess I had to pay for last time I went on an Arvon course has really stuck in my gullet.
Of course, I'm feeling dreadful about leaving the children again although common sense and much, much preparation and detailed instructions mean that they will be more than fine. Won't they? I'm sure my husband never even gives them a second thought when he's off pursuing his dream, I mean, working his ass off. I keep telling myself that they'll all benefit once I become a famous although probably still-impoverished writer but peculiarly it doesn't leave me feeling less guilty. And this time, I won't even be able to assuage the guilt with Hannah Montana baseball caps, stationary sets and t-shirts ... unless of course they weighed only 4 kgs. Oh forget Top Shop then...Mommy guilt gifts it'll be, and the satisfaction of knowing that my novel is well on it's way to..well..somewhere.
Incidentally, the airfare from Oslo to London (including the price of a checked-in bag each way) has cost me approximately 50% less than the train fare from London to Exeter. How very 2008.


Caroline said...

Have a fab time! Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

Simply-Mel said...

Yup, the mom guilt sets in about 4mins after the first one is born huh?

I feel your pain around the shoes issue...no kids and you still have to wear wellies? Crappy indeed.

Have a fab time and be ready to unload all the details when you get back.

Emerging Writer said...

Is it Novel writing you're doing? Patrick Neate and Louisa Dean? Do report back. (I've never read either)

Heathcote Safari said...

Say hello to my hometown, Exeter, for me (on your brief foray through the airport!). And won't you let us know how the writers' course goes? Hubby is in the throes of writing his own contribution to world peace (or something) and might just be interested. Oh, and have fun: wellies are the all the rage these days ;-)

Joanne said...

Oh how I would love to have cheap flights. Have fun! I was thinking of you recently we were having dinner in an upmarket mall at the Waterfront and a girl came walking (carefully) past us in yes you guessed it - gladiator shoes that must have been 8 inches high!! just like your ones.