Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House opened to great fanfare back in April and the building is expected to become Oslo's most-visited tourist attraction (currently a title bestowed on the awesome Vigelands Park). At a cost of 800 million dollars, one can't blame the Norwegian government for wanting people to like it. So does it live up to the hype?
Well the building sure is impressive with a great location which on a clear day, if you are brave enough to climb to the top level, allows views of Oslo fjord and lots of its well-known landmarks. However the following might want to think twice about visiting:
Anyone feeling suicidal as there is a potentially fatal drop from the roof which would make a real mess on the marble below.
Anyone unsure of their footing or wearing high heels (like me!). I saw one woman fall as I lurched around unsteadily myself. The surface is slippy and steep, with lots of not so obvious steps. Tough to navigate on a dry day. Stay away altogether when it's wet.
Anyone with a fear of heights. You could always stay on terra firma of course and look up at braver people take their lives in their hands or wander around inside where the contrast of wood and chrome is striking and impressive.
Sunglasses are a must as the glare coming off the white marble is considerable.
Typically Norwegian of course that the city's newest cultural landmark requires the donning of sensible clothes and the flexing of thigh muscles while suspending all fear. There were several groups of people just sitting around enjoying the sun and a few people were walking around with their bikes. Bikes up there for goodness sake! 
I shuffled around hoping my husband had control of the children as I could barely control my legs and the camera at the same time. So it was nice to do it once but hardly a relaxing excursion for a Type A with a penchant for heels and anxiety. 
Vigelands Park will certainly continue to get my vote - at least it's on level ground.


Joanne said...

Certainly looks impressive. You and those heels hehe

dragonfly said...

I would also choose Norawy a sa place to live. :) So i would like to congratulate you on your bravery! I have big problems with making upo my mind. i love Norway [http://www.odyssei.com/travel-gallery/99018.html] so sites like this one makes me wanna go there twice as mcuh! Thanks! :)

samual said...

am i the only one who thinks it looks like an airport terminal? meh is the best word to describe this glassy mess

Caroline said...

Ahhh very mod! Hubby has booked his trip for 8th Nov so another 'exciting' tourist attraction for him to go and see in Oslo.

You would be impressed with his Norwegian Johanna - it's coming on nicely.....

Michele said...

Johanna, thanks for the great pictures and invaluable information (safety tips) re: visiting the Opera House. I've only seen it from a distance (while stuck in traffic on the E6...) but want a closer look. Now I know to wear my hiking boots. :-)