Irish President in Norway

The Crown Princess, Crown Prince, the Queen with Dr Martin McAleese and the President of Ireand Mary McAleese with the King.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit and the Queen on Norway at the ceremonial welcome for the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, in the grounds of the royal palace, Tuesday.

It has been just another normal week in my nomadic life: hanging out with the Irish president, and the Norwegian king and queen, goofing about with the press pack over from Dublin, and completely neglecting my children. Oh and I got to wear clothes other than jeans, and I wore high heels, although not my bondage pair mentioned in previous posts. Didn't think they were royal diplomatic material. 

But back to the relatively stress-free life of mommydom today with Erin's 6th birthday and my father's arrival tonight. The adrenaline is still flowing though which is why I've been awake since four.

By the way, to any Irish reading, President McAleese really is a credit to our country and I can't imagine a better ambassador to represent it. Majorly impressed.

Here are the links to the articles I wrote on her visit for those who would like to know more:


Caroline said...

How exciting Johanna - 'mixing with royalty'. Being a mother of 3 Ican relate to the excitement of being able to dress up (something I never get to do anymore....).

I'm off to read your articles now.

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday Erin! and Jo I am seriously impressed!!

Women Rule Writer said...

Ooooh, hob-nobbing! How cool are you!

I love the name Erin. Boy or girl?

OSLO said...

Thank you Caroline, Joanne and WRW.
Erin is a girl, Nuala (which I think is a great name too).

Women Rule Writer said...

So cute, the name Erin. I knew a boy called Erin in my hometown, but it seems to be more for girls these days.