A touch of Hollywood in Dublin

In front of the Pav at Trinity College Dublin, where many a Guinness-filled evening began (when I was young enough to be able to cope with the after effects).
A little retail therapy on Grafton Street

Last night we took my parents out for dinner to thank them for babysitting the children while we were in Dublin - more of which later - and they drank us under the table in the bar afterwards so we're both feeling lousy today, playing ping-pong with responsibility for the children. It's enough to make me give up alcohol for a least a few days. Uggh.
Anyway we had three days and three nights in a five-star hotel in Dublin last week to celebrate Mr Nomad's 40th birthday. The last time we had a few nights away without children either in utero or ex utero was eight years ago when we took my parents from Singapore to Bali to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. We had such a great time that, despite a very poor fertility prognosis, Caoilin was conceived and we've hardly gone anywhere without her since.
But wrench ourselves away from our parental responsiblities we did, and oh was it wonderful. For three days I washed no one's teeth but my own (ditto bum wiping). I walked along city streets, in no hurry anywhere, with only my handboag to watch over. I ate buffet breakfasts at my leisure, reading the paper, only getting up from my seat to serve myself as opposed to others. You get the drift. We also fraternised with celebrities - kinda.
When we queued up to get into 'The Dark Knight', we were forced to stand along the red carpet and watch Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider schmooze with their fans before the premier of their latest movie which is, I suspect, as ridiculous as its title - something about Zohan. There were some Irish celebrities there too (apparently) but having been in exile for so long I didn't recognise them; thanks to a couple of Batman fans in the queue I discovered that they were television presenters and the like. Hardly very impressive.
Burly bouncers informed us that we could go into the cinema building until the talent had left the building. The talent! Oh it was so Hollywood on O'Connell Street last wednesday night (except for the downpour which greeted us when our movie was over which was very, very Irish).
There's lots more to be said about our romantic (and retail) escape but it's my turn to tend to the children so it'll have to wait. Roll on bedtime - mine and theirs.


Simply Mel said...

Oh girl, you look so "Carrie" in that second pic with your sexy dress and funky shoes! dont you just feel like a girl again without the entourage clinging to your legs???

My mans 40th next month and am havin visions of a weekend away too. After reading this I think I may just book it tomorrow! Will think about babysitters later....

Cant wait to hear more!

Caroline said...

Grafton street suits you - looking good! enjoy the rest of your holiday

Andrew said...

Did you throw something at Rob schneider? I think it's against the law not to. Enjoy the rest of your time on holiday.

Thriftcriminal said...

Up in my neck of the woods eh? Yeah, getting away from the spogs for a couple of days is nice. Going back is a mixture of being delighted to see their little faces and (shortly after the first irritating thing they do) wistfully thinking of the freedom you have just enjoyed. We try to get away for our wedding anniversary each year, this year we went off to the not so exotic Arklow Bay hotel, but in fairness it was a grand spot and walking distance to the cinema (past vomiting teens the worse for wear on alcopops)

Victoria said...

So glad you had a much deserved holiday! Happy B-Day to Mr. Nomad too. :-)

Women Rule Writer said...

Looks like it's all going great. You look fab. Nothing like a 5 star beak to cause a glow!
Enjoy the rest of it. And the rain. Oh the rain.

beaverboosh said...

Hey gorgeous, and with no kids. I am sure Mr. Nomad enjoyed the romantic weekend!

Michele said...

Mel's right---you're lookin' very Carrie and pretty! And if that first picture is you hungover, you've got nothing to worry about! If that were me, I'd be very green and nasty and probably carrying a bucket... ;-) Have a safe trip back!

OSLO said...

Mel. Thank you and hope you booked that trip away.
Caroline. Thank you. Don't know why I feel so at home on shopping streets...
Andrew. Didn't throw anything at him but when he came running past looking for a pen, I couldn't help but jump back lest he thought I liked him. To give him his due, he did give lots of time and photo opportunities to those who wanted them; I just wasn't one of them :-)
Thriftcriminal. Am very envious of your annual child-free trip;we're grateful for once a decade.
Victoria. Thank you.
Women Rule Writer. Thank you. And yes, what rain. Ever. Single. Bloody. Day.
BB. Thank you. Yes, Mr Nomad has been told to tell everyone he had a fab, romantic time.
Michele. Thank you. It's the wonders of Dermalogica. Bucket is out of shot ;-)

Alan said...

I hope you managed to get into Avoca and pick yourself up a new mug...?