I was recently approached by the editor of airline search engine Momondo.com to write some first-person articles on Oslo. The site was voted by CNN and ABC TV as the best flight search engine in the world. They've just uploaded my first article (together with a 2006 photo of Caoilin hanging out in a statue in Vigeland's Park). It's hard to get work as a journalist in Norway because of language contraints so it's nice when, sometimes, the work comes to you.

Now, after that little bit of very un-Irish self-promotion, I'm definitely off on my holidays. Ciao!


beaverboosh said...

Nice. I cannot visit the park, I get too excited. Have a great holiday! P.S. Loved the smiley picture!

Joanne said...

I envy the way you flit around. What do you do with the animals if you have any excluding DH and the kids.

OSLO said...

BB - I'm always smiling like that, honest.
Joanne - we don't do animals (yet)as moving is challenging enough without with what we've got. I never thought of it as flitting - good word!