OMG!!!! As I am stuck in the house with three people, only one of whom can read, and she isn’t into anything more challenging than Clarice Bean, I have got to get this out of my system before I explode with excitement. Someone reading has got to appreciate this.

I deliberately chose to stay in Kilkenny a week longer than my husband this year so that I could be there for at least some of Kilkenny Arts Festival, in the hope that some literary stars might turn up for me to drool over. For once, my gamble paid off. I’ve just bought a ticket to attend an event with none other than the woman herself, the star supreme, Anne Enright (with Patrick McGrath). As if that isn't enough literary titillation for one week, I also bought two tickets to see Sebastian Barry; he’s appearing on a Friday night so I figure I might find someone, maybe my mother, to come with me (not that I don't have other friends, of course). I’ll lure her with a promise of great people-watching opportunities - she's a Maeve Binchey fan, nuff said - and a chance to dress up. To top it all off, I’ve got theatre tickets for Snow White and a Canadian circus for the girls, who will be thrilled, making it excellent bribery bait throughout our holiday.

I'm already wondering what I'll wear - to the literary events, not the circus.

Please, please, don't let me get shingles!!!!! (see previous post if you're wondering what the hell that means).


beaverboosh said...

Yeah erm, good luck on the not getting shingles front!

laurie said...

you have no idea how much i wish i could be there. to see anne enright and sebastian barry--wowser.

hell, i'd even take maeve binchy.

good for you!

which canadian circus? don't suppose it's cirque eloize, by any chance? if it is, they're spectacular.

Five-Browns said...

Woo hoo! YOu totally deserve this afta surviving the shingles fiasco! has C cleared up enough to head out in public without you getting stoned???*LOL*

OSLO said...

Thanks BB. So far so good (july 8).
Laurie - to be honest, I'd go see Maeve Binchey too, even though I don't read her books. On re-reading, I can see that the circus is in fact a Canadian clown called Jamie Adkins doing a show called Circus Incognitus.
F-B - she has made it out in public today (july 8) with long sleeves over the rash. No stoning yet :-)

Women Rule Writer said...

Oh cool!! See PJ Nolan's blog for a report on Anne at the Dub Fest recently.
Think about having a good question ready for Anne too in case there's a Q&A and the usual deathly silence descends from the shy Irish audience.

OSLO said...

WRW - have been fantasising since I bought the tickets about asking an amazingly insightful, intelligent question when the time comes, but I know that unless I'm drunk, I'll be too intimidated. Still, would hate there be an awkward silence which could be taken as lack of interest so will be prepared to fill it, and blush profusely.