Blogging from the Library

The weather has changed – dramatically but not unexpectedly. Its manslaughter, in broad daylight, of my beloved modem and PC, was not in the forecast. After a week of temperatures hovering around 30° C, clouds, thunder, lightening and rain blew in early Saturday afternoon. I guess lightning hit the telegraph pole outside the house, as we heard a crack, and the lights died permanently on the modem. Three days later, I’m still internet-less. Yesterday it was 9.5° C at midday; it finally stopped raining, for the first time since saturday, last night. The PC is still dead but we’re hoping for a resurrection if we find anyone who works on such things during July in Norway.
Thankfully, a phone call to our ISP, has a new modem heading to our mail box for the cost of the postage. It seems NextGentel don’t wipe their hands of Acts of God (as the insurance industry, which usually refuses to cover them, calls such things in Ireland).
Speaking of God. My shingles- suffering seven year-old has converted to Buddhism from, well religious obliviousness, I guess. She informed us this morning, matter-of-factly, saying that it happened about a month ago, after she’d read about religion in her encyclopedia. She likes Buddhism because there’s no God, and it’s all about relaxation and kindness. Her younger sister, on the other hand, professes to believe in God – her friends have told her about it, her parents being atheists have yet to figure out what do about the whole religion question, if anything – but this disparity in beliefs has so far not caused any obvious fractures in their friendship.
Shame the rest of the world couldn’t follow their example.


Five-Browns said...

Lets face it ...who would not embrace a religion that suggests pure relaxation and kindness? If only it were that simple huh?

Thriftcriminal said...

Perhaps an introduction to Taoism is called for? The Lao Tzu version that is. I love it's idea of achieving maximum results with minimum effort, it really appeals to me :-)