There's ice falling from the sky

Just another may day in Slependen!
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ireneintheworld said...

poor you jo. hope summer comes soon, to stay! x

OSLO said...

Thanks Irene. The sun has made an appearance since but now it has clouded over and it's damn cold. Talk about schizophrenic weather!

JEDA said...


Total stranger in Bergen here, taking a few minutes to say I spent the afternoon reading your blog and those of some of the other expats in Norway listed on your blog roll. And a very pleasant way to fritter away an entire afternoon it's been.

Sorry about all the 17. Mai snow. I have it on good authority (namely, a bunch of smug, self-satisfied Bergensere, that Bergen was the only place with any sort of sun to speak of that day) so that was a nice change to the norm for us. Still cold as hell though.

Anyway, just thought I'd introduce myself. And invite you over to mine if you get a chance...

Victoria said...

Somehow we are lucking out in Stavanger. It has been mild but the sun has been shining (mostly). Hope the sun comes your way!