Advantages of being Norwegian

It costs around 50 Euros for any man, woman or dog without a medical card to see a doctor in Ireland. Only the very poor or very old get medical cards. In Norway children under the age of 12 get this service for free, and adults pay a fee of 120 Nok (just under 15 Euros). Well yesterday, I discovered another benefit of the Norwegian healthcare system. My 14-month old son has exzema so I got a presecription for some ointments to alleviate it. It turns out that because he was born in Norway, he gets all presecription medication free until he is 12. I was truely surprised - I've previously paid for antibiotics for my daughter, born in Singapore - and had to say 'Wow there sure are some great advantages of living in Norway!'. At least here you get something for your taxes.


Joanne Rasmussen said...

Here in SA you dont get anything for nothing. Our medical aid is R 6000.00 a month which is equivalent to Krone and we still have huge shortfalls.

Victoria said...

Yes I hear the healthcare is really good here. I haven't experienced it first hand but I've heard its a good place to be sick. :-) Although I've also heard some mom's complain that it is really difficult to get doctors to prescribe antibiotics for their sick kids. Maybe that isn't such a bad thing though. Anyway I agree, its good to see at least some good come of the high tax rates.

Skygge said...

50 € in Ireland ? Is it a joke ? In France, its 22€, but you get 21€ refunded... so, you see the doc for 1€.