There's something in the water

There must be many a Philippine au pair feeling slightly more at home in Oslo tonight. According to Aftenposten's English news website, the municipal medical director has advised Oslo residents "to boil water for use in cooking, drinking or tooth brushing, and also warned against dentist visits with drilling, drinking filter coffee, and rinsing vegetables or making ice cubes with tap water."
Apparently, "a minuscule number of Giardia parasites have been found in the city's water supply". Fortunately those of us in the burbs are not affected as we have a different water supply.
Now that I think of it, it wasn't as bad as that in Manila; we used the tap water to wash our teeth and had a water cooler in the kitchen for drinking and vegetable-washing. Can't blame the au pairs for thinking they might be better off working back home right now.

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