Ormen Lange

One of the downsides of staying in a country almost three years is that life can get a bit static with little opportunity to meet new people. However, having a baby AND sending a child to a new school have proved the perfect anecdote to this social inertia (ironic given that the word social and life have long been estranged in this house due to the presence of these little people.) So I’ve met a few new people lately is what I’m saying.
So, the question, ‘What brings you to Norway?’ has cropped up a lot. ‘Oh, because of my husband’s job,’ I usually say, instantly revealing myself to be a ‘trailing spouse’, the 21st century term which has replaced the oh so 20th century ‘expat wife’ label. What I really should be saying is ‘Ormen Lange, the biggest natural gas field in Norway which once completed will have cost 10 billion US dollars’. Gas from Ormen Lange is expected to meet up to 20% of Britain’s gas demand, for up to 40 years.
Last night my husband was at a party in Molde, up north, to celebrate the start of production. The King and Queen were invited and according to this morning’s papers, the King was impressed. This trailing spouse wasn’t - invited that is. Who wouldn’t be impressed?


Pasi said...

I which part of Norway you are living?

OSLO said...

I'm in Bærum Kommune, just west of the centre of Oslo.