Lemsip to spare, anyone?

I have a stinking head cold, used up my last sachet of Lemsip last night (donations from any UK/Ireland travellers most welcome) and missed baby's first first birthday party this morning. I even had the present already wrapped for a gift swap with all the babies in the baby group, as opposed to the usual wrestling with sticky tape and paper while half-way out the door.

Several of the mothers are trickling back to work on a part-time basis already but come January we'll be on our own which means obviously that we'll have to take to trawling around the local shopping centre for exercise, a social life and to shelter from the biting cold. Everyone managed to get a kindergarden place except us. Boo, hoo. Actually, as I'm not ready to let baby boy go just yet -I'd be reduced to trawling the shopping centre alone - this is probably a good thing; to turn an offer down might end hopes of ever getting one for when he's nearer two years old when I will of course throw myself whole-heartedly into some semblance of a career. With no offer there's still hope. We're still working on the au pair plan for the meantime but I'll not jinx it by going totally public with the details just yet :-)

Last winter I mentioned the dreaded ping noise in the car when it hit 3 degrees C. Well having had to get a new car to fit three child seats comfortably, I'm now beset by morning pings at 4 degrees C. It won't be long before the ping disappears as the temperature in the garage sits below 4. On Monday morning, Oct 8th, it was -1 on the school run. And we're still using summer tyres. I guess these colder temperatures are the price to pay for clear blue skies with hardly any cloud cover.

I realise this has been the crappest post ever but really, without Lemsip, it's the best a congested girl can do.

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