The Fjord

This morning, I discovered one of the joys of bottle-feeding (besides having a choice of nice underwire bras to wear). I rarely get to go anywhere without my son so it was a pleasant surprise to discover how much fun I could have with my daughters without him. After almost three years here, we walked over to Kalvøya for the first time; it's a tiny island connected to Sandvika (10 mins drive from home) by pedestrian bridge.
With my arms free from pushing a pram, I took lots of photographs, mostly of Oslo Fjord. We discovered two lovely little beaches, one with a climbing frame which was a big hit with the girls. They took their shoes and socks off to paddle and although it was quite cold, the sun was shining and the sea glistened. For a guilty moment I realised how much easier life would be with just the two. Of course, I wouldn't trade my little boy for anything, but perhaps the move from breast to bottle is a start in freeing myself from him occasionally when my husband is around, so I can do things with the girls that aren't necessarily baby-friendly. It's funny how a few years ago, the idea of shepherding two young children around seemed like the antithesis of relaxation. Today, it seemed like bliss.
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