Am I a Yummy Mummy?

There have been a number of interesting things I’ve considered writing about for the purpose of your entertainment over the past few days – the lesbian equality ombudswoman here who advised voters in yesterday’s local elections to vote out of office white heterosexual males, because… wait for it .. they are white heterosexual males. Or my six-year old daughter’s secret diary, the first entry (and so far only entry I believe) of which is a declaration of love for another six year old (a boy thankfully – no offence Ms Ombudswoman) who she describes as being ‘soo cute and swite’. In case you’re wondering, I was looking over her shoulder helping her pick stickers for said diary and my eyes couldn’t help but fall upon the script; of course I’d never dream of deliberately reading someone’s secret diary.
But alas I’m too busy being a Yummy Mummy to have time to be intelligent, witty and interesting. Not too busy of course to check out the Times Online Alpha Mommy blog and a ridiculous posting on the subject of women who, for whatever reason, stay at home to take care of their children. According to Eleanor Mills, women like me are destined to be boring, ill-informed lap dogs, waiting to be traded in for a newer, more nubile model by our husbands. Here is a smidgen of what this Times’ journalist has to say: ‘Don't buy it ladies. There's nothing yummy about endlessly reloading the dishwasher, the washing machine, cooking endless meals, heaving in the shopping and being a middle class taxi service. Just say no.’ Oh Eleanor, I know there’s nothing yummy about drudgery and I say no every single day but the problem is if I go out and pursue my career ambitions – and believe me, I really would like to – who would mind my son all day, and collect my daughters from school and bus at 1445 and 1530 respectively, take care of all three until I or my husband got home, take them to ballet and help the older one with her homework (the list is far longer than this but I'm sure your time is too short for it).

Until Mrs Doubtfire knocks on my door (or my son gets a kindergarten place and my daughters go to the same school and can avail of after school service), I have to put up with abuse from people like you who see the world in black and white and take the easy option of being bitchy. Sure, I don’t agree in principle with women staying home to become household work horses but I do respect their choices (or circumstances) whatever they may be. As far as I know, no society, including family- and woman-friendly Norway, has come up with a way of allowing women to continue working without major juggling of childcare and input from in-laws and extended family if they are lucky to have them around. To be able to work while knowing that your children are being well cared for is still a luxury for many; maybe decent childcare and child-taxiing is easier to come by in London than here. No matter, to say to any woman, just sod your family and go out to work because not to do so is anti-feminist is ... anti-feminist. Now excuse me while I go prepare yet another meal - children really are a nuisance - they insist on eating at least three times a day and don't seem to be able to manage to rustle up their own meals. Who'd have 'em? Well this Yummy Mummy for one.
Here's the link to the blog - interesting and reassuring comments. http://timesonline.typepad.com/alphamummy/2007/09/i-hate-yummy-mu.html#comments

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