Back in Norway, still waiting (naively, I suspect) for summer, having packed my expensive shoes away. Let's hope wedges are still in vogue next summer.
The disadvantage of an open plan ground floor is now very apparent as Aidan is crawling. He’s at this moment tearing apart one of my magazines - called INFANT appropriately enough (no, I didn’t ring the editor if you read my earlier post). I had to empty the wine rack this morning – remove the bottles not the wine unfortunately – as he was determined to remove them himself. The CD rack will be next, I suspect.
School doesn’t start back until next week which is just as well as we’re still operating on Irish time which means we’re rolling out of bed at the exact time at which, next week, we should, all four of us, fed and dressed, be driving to school. Mmm, can’t wait! I’ve just read a description of how one Norwegian couple manages to get their three kids out to kindergarten – they sit them in front of ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ DVDs to get them to eat breakfast while they shower and dress. And they have two adults to get the kids ready. It makes me feel slightly pious that the TV in this house is never on before 5 PM and that I’ve managed to get all three out on my own while school is open. Well, with this Stay at Home Mother business you’ve got to congratulate yourself on a job well done, as no one else will :-) No performance-related bonuses here unfortunately - oops yes, that's what the expensive shoes are for.
Time’s up. Aidan has moved on to tearing the cover off Vogue which I’m afraid is where I have to draw the line.

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