Look at the abs on that!

I hardly remember going to the circus as a kid but I know I did, at least twice. It seems such a quaint old-fashioned form of entertainment in this age of iPods, Playstations and TiVos (none of which I have, I might add). Recently I took my girls along to see a circus here in Oslo. It was atrociously expensive of course but I looked on it as one of those essential components of childhood which probably won't be repeated, not here anyway. I was a bit concerned that there would be tonnes of animals to make me feel uncomfortable about elephants living in cramped conditions, that kind of thing. What I was not expecting was to be totally impressed by the human feats performed by a succession of acrobats from China and Russia. I mean wow! Just look on the abs on the guy in the picture. So I spent most of the two hour performance going wow! as I was faced with various samples of human perfection - chiselled abs, buttocks of steel, tight thighs. It was enough to put me off my popcorn. There wasn't a wobble of cellulite in sight. And the girls? Well of course they liked the animals best - the performing dogs, the ponies and of course the poor old elephant. They're still young enough to take their bodies for granted; too young to appreciate physical perfection. For me though, the circus was surprisingly entertaining. Not quaint, not old-fashioned but bloody amazing. Fingers crossed there will still be circuses around when my kids want to take theirs to see one. By that time I'm certain they too will have a genuine appreciation for someone who looks like they do 1000 sit-ups before breakfast.
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