Good Hair Days

Apparently the latest trend among British women who like to look their best almost all of the time is to have their hair blow-dried in a salon. According to the Guardian newspaper, this fad has been confirmed by the recent opening of a ‘Blowdry Bar’ at Top Shop’s Oxford Circus store where women can have their hair professionally styled for £19.
According to the article, blow-drying is no longer predominantly the domain of old ladies with purple rinses. One hairdresser in Newcastle was quoted as saying that some women never wash their own hair; instead they rely on salon visits to keep their manes fabulous. Oh how this news brings me back. I was once one of those woman, who never washed their own hair.
Why would I, when for the price of 24 Nok (€2.88) plus a generous guilt-assuaging tip, I could relax for 20 minutes, have my hair coiffed, and emerge from the salon with almost humidity-proof hair which would last at least three days without needing to resort to a ponytail? That was in the Philippines of course. I once enquired how much it would cost to have a wash and blow-dry here in Norway and the answer given with a surprisingly straight face – 480 Nok/€58 – was enough to make me gag and send me home to use my own hairdryer. Now, I savour the pleasure of looking my best only when in Ireland where €20 plus tip not only provides me with great hair but also a nice chat and a cup of tea.
So, if you live in the UK or Ireland, I envy you. If like my mother you think that however inexpensive it may be, it is still extravagent to pay someone else to wash your hair, well you’re entitled to your opinion and healthy bank balance. However, I guarantee that once you try it and get used to having professionally-groomed hair in less time than it takes to attempt to tame your mane yourself, you’ll love it. You'll also have some great photos of your fabulous youthful hair to look back on in your old age when you've perhaps resorted to a blue rinse after all.

Maybe Norwegian women will catch onto the salon blow-drying trend but unless prices drop dramatically it’s highly unlikely. Who knows? Maybe greasy ponytails will be all the rage once we remove our winter woolies. If that’s the case, I’m already ahead of the game.

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