Chocolate mouse - yum! yum!

Ok, first comes the disclaimer. I very much admire anyone who can write well in a language other than their mother tongue and as much as I hope to some day i.e. next year, be able to write professionally in Norwegian, I am very aware that I may never pull it off. That said, most people under 50 in Norway can speak good English but writing good English can be a very different matter.
I’ve been doing a little bit of editing work on the side (of motherhood) and last night I came across some gems of language which I feel obliged to share with you. I could of course have left the words unedited which although very unprofessional would have given all 50,000 or so readers of the magazine a good laugh. Instead I hope you’ll have a giggle.
The article was a restaurant review written in English by a Norwegian who insists on writing particularily painful, flowery prose. I’ll spare you that, as most of the time it’s really not all that funny. However, according to this reviewer, at a certain restaurant, the desserts are praise-worthy, especially the CHEESECAKE AND CHOCOLATE MOUSE. Ok, so that was probably just a typo but it does conjure up a very stark image on a plate. In addition the place offers such good value for money that “YOU REALLY GET SOME BANG FOR YOUR BUCK”. I don’t know if it’s part of the vernacular where you come from but this isn’t a phrase I am familiar with; perhaps it is used by those who frequent red light districts?

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