A cervix like butter

Ive been a very bad little blogger throughout this pregnancy but I have been busy working and even managed to set up my own website (www.jcleahy.com) which has tonnes more photos of Norway, good weather and bad. I guess I'm officially on unpaid maternity leave now so as tiring as the coming months may be I will endeavour to blog my experience of motherhood in a cold climate which I fully expect to be very different from my previous experiences with my tropical babies. Difference number one seems to be a reluctance in baby to make an appearance. Having barely reached 37 weeks both previous times, this child is still hanging on in the cosy womb at 38 weeks - and who could blame it? The rain is incessant and it's dark by 4 PM. Still, at least I haven't had to resort to wearing spikes on my boots to stay upright in my 'delicate' state.

So excuse me while I go do a few rounds, up and down the stairs, as despite being told that my cervix is currently like butter - presumably that has neither been put in the fridge or been left behind in the car boot en route from the shops in winter - and that I could 'go' at anytime, I reckon this baby still needs a bit of persuading.

Keep you posted - assuming that I can :-)
P.s. By the way the photograph was taken in the back garden on October 25 when Autumn really was beautiful and relatively dry

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