The seasons are a changin' (at last!)

Posted by Picasa Ok so I've been a little neglectful of the blog over the past three months and it's not just because it has taken so long for damn summer to arrive. It's more to do with the little souvenir I brought back from my March holidays which now has a heartbeat. Thankfully after a few months of fatigue beyond description (if you've ever been pregnant you will know what I mean) I'm starting to feel human again. However, my nighttime sleep is a psychedelic blur of traumatic, emotional nightmares which seems awfully unfair given that I already know what sleep deprivation lies ahead and don't need these precious next six months blighted by sleep interruption training. No plain old sleep would be very nice, thank you very much.
Anyway, it seems that the arrival of a new baby will distract me from next winter's inevitable misery of ice under foot and give me something other than the weather to complain about, the aforementioned and also inevitable, lack of sleep. And of course once more I'll have use for a stroller- propping myself up while out walking on the icey hill of course, far trendier than skiis and poles. OK so I no longer own a stroller suitable for a newborn but when have I ever needed an excuse for shopping?!

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