Getting connected

en.png For someone who lives so far away from family and many of my friends, I've been very slow off the mark with Skype. I did download it a few years back but found it slowed my laptop down. I also got lots of nuisance messages from various Turkish men, and I never actually made a call using it. I eventually uninstalled it. However, under pressure to support the long-distance friendship between my elder daughter and her best friend, who moved to Singapore last year, I've tried again with Skype. Today my daughter had a 45-minute video conference with her friend. As Hannah Montana might say: man, it was awesome!

The friend played her guitar. The girls giggled and gossiped. It was fun. And as I sat next door, eavesdropping, I could see the possiblities Skyping might offer once we move. In particular, I'm going to miss the two writer friends I meet every wednesday; we talk through our wroks-in-progress and convince ourselves we're not delusional in wanting to produce novels. We laugh. A lot.

Now I think, it might still be possible to continue this post-Norway; I'll just have to forfeit the prawn sandwiches and cafe mocca. I might even have to wear a bikini if it's too warm. It won't be the same but it's sure better than nothing.
It may not have been love at first sight for me and Mr Skype, but I think perhaps this slow-burning affection we are now developing may be more likely to last.


AM in Brussels said...

So it's decided? You're going to Nigeria?

OSLO said...

Oh Lord no but don't blame you for losing track; every week I'm re-imagining ourselves somewhere different as different possibilities come up. Last week there was a phone call about a job in Australia for example. But we are NOT going to Nigeria; life is too precious and short. As of this morning it is possible that we're going somewhere I actually would like to go - last night it was another place in the same country where I don't think I'd be happy - so the whole moving thing is still very much a wrk-in-progress. Will of course reveal all when it's decided but to say more now would be premature - and perhaps bad luck ;)

RennyBA's Terella said...

Yea, skype is a must and I use it a lot both in my work and to connect with friends - all over the world.
The only function I miss, is a way to handle the time zone differences :-)

Happy Weekend to you!

Btw: My Skype name: RennyBA (as everywhere else in cyber space you know).

OSLO said...

Renny I was thrilled to see my friend and her 17-day-old baby in Glasgow using Skype at the weekend. The love affair continues.