Who's that girl?

Madanna has stolen my hat! See? I'm not the only woman to have thrown style to the Siberian wind! Now I wonder where I can get hold of one of those mesh scarf things she's wearing on her face. Seriously. I need one. (Probably Louis Vuitton. Sigh)

Bet she's not getting through the cold spell - oh how innocent that sounds - by baking muffins the kids won't eat because she put apple in them (an attempt to make them healthy), so she's going to have to eat them all herself as anything else would be wasteful, in between stuffing her face with chocolates leftover from Christmas - a late gift, hence not already scoffed - and wondering if Tuesday is too early in the week to open a bottle of wine (it is by the way if you have to stand at the bus stop the next morning in the dark with the temperature at -22 degrees C).
Gosh these arctic temperatures are making me grumpy, frumpy and lumpy :( Glass of wine anyone?

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