And this week, Ireland looks like paradise

HIM: So last night I emailed that guy in the US about job opportunities.
ME: Oh good.
HIM: He got back to me immediately.
ME: Oh yeah?
HIM: Yeah.
ME: And?
HIM: Well there's a a really great job going...
ME: It's in Nigeria isn't it?
HIM: It's an engineering manager role.
ME It's in Nigeria isn't it?
HIM: A great job with a promotion.
ME: It's in Nigeria isn't it?
HIM: Yep Lagos, Nigeria

To those who think we're adventurous, we're not really that adventurous. Ever since I married, the word 'Nigeria' has struck fear in my heart (and every other bit of me). I've met people who've lived there and while all have survived with interesting tales to tell at dinner parties, every single one of them took up golf while living there.
I mean Manila was no picnic, but with Nigeria I think of the chances of kidnapping, malaria, golf addiction and nervous breakdown (mine) as infinitely higher whilst living amid poverty, corruption, a very depressing outlook for the country and a generally low value on life. They don't like journalists over there either.
I am of course open to any positive comments any reader might have on life in Lagos with three young children. Honest I am. I await the deluge.

p.s. My daughter had her appendix removed last Friday. But really, surgery on a child in a clean hospital where you trust the staff and are treated with care, patience, a private room and, most importantly, competence, all of it paid for out of one's income taxes is boring compared to the threat of Nigeria. Isn't it?


Joanne said...

Stayed bored!!! Nigeria Not

Batgirl said...

Nigeria? Thanks, but no thanks. Husband to be is hoping for an assignment in Angola, expecting me to come along and raise any kids we might have at that stage. I told him no for many reasons, one being my own career. If I'm going there, it's because I have a really good job offer there too (must include a serious amount of hazard pay), and will be given a weapon to defend myself. I know of an expat's wife who was beaten pretty badly by robbers (carjacking), so I would take no chances.

He thinks it's exciting, I think it's madness. Lonely parts on the west coast of Ireland sound like paradise in comparison.

Nikki in Tropical Park said...

not as a famliy

Heathcote Safari said...

I've never lived there, but my hubby has and we have friends living there now. Take it from me: don't do it! There has to be another way to get promoted ... surely?!

Anonymous said...

I would say "Thanks" but "No Thanks".

A good quality of life and being without fear is worth more than any job.


OSLO said...

So it's unanimous then? No Nomad in Nigeria. Had kind of wondered if some small voice of dissent might pop up and highlight SOME merits of family life in Lagos... Nah what was I thinking? Basically, my impression is that I would sit in a compound afraid to leave it, unable to even go for a walk (enough to drive me insane), hoping my children and husband come home safely from school and work, unable to blog/write honestly without getting into trouble, gazing down from my prison over the chaos, poverty, greed, environmental mess and injustice that show no sign of abating. Oh I won't go on. You're all right. Life's too short ....

Alan said...

I know of acquaintances in similar field and situation who are moving out of the Middle East to a new job in Russia.
Rather, he's going to Russia, and herself + kids moving back to Ireland. I guess It's difficult juggling a baby and a personal defence weapon.

beaverboosh said...

The ancient game of golf is a noble passtime!

Return to Norway said...

My ex works there - has been on and off for the past 12 years.

I'm not going to use his words for describing it - I might be censored.

Irish Mammy said...

So it's a no go then or is this still on the cards? My hubby has a fascination with living outer Mongolia (or anywhere that sounds like you need a lesson in living in the wild). Fine for them but with 2 babies no way.

OSLO said...

Alan - that idea has been discussed. We need to find out our other options first.
BB - am guessing you play golf ;)
Caroline - I'd never censor you but I know what you mean :)
Irish Mammy - Mongolia eh? Well Lagos is wild alright but it's not the kind of wildlife that fascinates. Jobs will be posted internally next week so then we get to see if there's an alternative to Nigeria. There's no way I'm going with my three babies though. Unless I have a lobotomy first, even then I suspect I'd be blogging as Nervous Nomad in Nigeria.


J - my friends (2 seperate families) grew up in Nigeria. THey had v little good to report as white, relatively wealthy people living there. I don't like the sounds of it at all.

Simply-Mel said...

Everyone has said it all.....besides where would you go shoe shopping in Nigeria?


OSLO said...

WWR - concurs with everything else I've heard :(
Mel - thanks for reminding me what REALLY matters ;)