Welcome to Oslo Mr & Mrs Obama

I can hardly contain my excitement over the fact that Barack and Michelle Obama are in Oslo today. Never mind I have a sick child - third one to fall victim to flu over a space of six weeks - and I'm not going to see them in person. These two facts are totally unrelated by the way.
Last night, I dreamed very vividly that I was present as Barack gave a speech on the environment - think I might have got Conpenhagen mixed up with Oslo - and Michelle tried to give one which was disrupted by one of my children, in the kind of nightmarish way these things happen during sleep. Michelle looked stunning if not a bit tired. I'm pretty tired myself. Hanging out with VIPs all night is exhausting.
Anyway, back in the real world, the couple will leave again tomorrow morning but I hear that employees of the US Embassy, together with their families are getting to meet them. Diplomatic perks, I guess. The couple is also popping in on the Prime Minister and the King, Queen and Crown Princess (now there will be a fashion face-off). The view from the PMs office is stunning but I suspect that maybe it won't be so great today. It's still too dark at 0830 to tell.
Oh then there is the whole Nobel Peace Prize ceremony melarky and the usual Nobel concert, this year, hosted by Will Smith and his wife Jada. Except the Obamas will be skipping the concert, bucking the Nobel laureate trend.
Like many others, my daughters are of the opinion that Obama didn't deserve the prize. They absolutely believe that their Grandad should have got it because, one said, 'he is such a really nice person,' and, the other pointed out, 'Grandad picks up trash'. (No he's not a bin-man but an environmental activist.)
I could kind of see their point. I just don't think my father and mother would have caused quite the same stir of excitement in Oslo today as the Obamas are certainly doing.

P.S. It's 0845 now and the Obamas are en route from the airport to the Nobel Institute. The E6 motorway has been shut to all traffic so the couple don't have to worry about pesky rush-hour delays. Can't imagine my dad would have got the same special treatment.


Anonymous said...

I am sure you Dad is a Prize Winner to your family and worthy of it!!

I am also Oslo based and the amound of helicopters circling above disrupts the joy of what is normally a peaceful and safe place.

Hope today goes without terror.Karen

RennyBA's Terella said...

Smart kid; Granddad was a great idea and in Nobel's spirit :-)

I know it's a pro et contra about Obama getting this award, but I think he made a very convincing speech - both the Norwegians and I think the rest of the world was impressed. You may read some of my thoughts after his visit in my last blog post.

Anonymous said...

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