Hallowe'en Junk in My Trunk

Another fine bounty of candy was distributed by me and then re-collected in other forms by my children during the trunk or treating event hosted at the international school last night. Eight dark, cold weeks to Christmas. Oh dear, I think I might be getting the winter blues. At least we have tonnes of candy here to cheer me up.


Cairo Typ0 said...

Stealing halloween candy is a reason to have kids! :p Seriously though, i miss giving out candy adn seeing everyone dressed up. :)

Return to Norway said...

Love your trunk! Looks very cool :)

Michele said...

"Junk in my trunk" sounds kind of dirty. ;-) Glad you had a fun Halloween. I'm completely petrified of falling into a winter depression again this year, so I'm already planning a February trip to California. Perhaps your dear husband needs to whisk you and kids off to somewhere warm and sunny? Seriously, I don't know why all Norwegians take their vacations in the summer. Winter vacation is the way to go!

OSLO said...

Cairo - I've been dipping into the kids' stash of candy - they've so much, I thought they wouldn't notice. However, yesterday they each counted every piece so there goes that idea!
Thanks Caroline:)
I think 'junk in my trunk' IS kind of dirty if sung by the Black-Eyed Peas ;)
Re: sun holiday - spent hours yesterday, which was so dreary we didn't even open the front door, trying to find accommodation in Gran Canria or Dubai for a family of five that didn't cost the price of a small car back home. Still haven't found anything that doesn't mean we have to pay for two hotel rooms or two apartments. Might have to leave one of the kids at home ;) Or maybe I could go to California with Michele, without any of them!
By the way, it's monday lunch-time, and the decorations are still hanging in my trunk. I wonder if anyone noticed as I drove around Sandvika this morning :)

RennyBA's Terella said...

I'll help you with your candy - will that cheer you up even more? ;-)