Nude not Naked in Norway

Drum roll please!

When in Ireland last January, I read an article in the Irish Times about people to watch in 2009. Sadly, I wasn't featured but I was thrilled to see one name I recognised: Nuala Ni Chonchuir. ‘I know her,’ I said to my husband; we were staying in airport hotel so there was no one else around to try impress. Truth be told, I’ve never actually met Nuala but I know her in the Blogospherical sense. She blogs about writing at www.womenrulewriter.blogspot.com.

The year isn’t over yet, but it seems that the Irish Times was bang on with its forecast. Not only has Nuala published her third collection of short stories ‘Nude’ to great critical acclaim, she has also secured publication in 2010 of her first novel and, most importantly, she recently gave birth to her third child, Juno.

Last Saturday’s Irish Times referred to ‘Nude’ as a “memorable achievement” which is “full of witty voices rendering adventures both savage and absurd.” In plain man's speak - not that anyone around reading here is plain you understand - this means that Nuala's short story collection is brilliant. It contains 19 stories with fabulous names like: Madonna Irlanda, Cowboy and Nelly, Before Losing the Valise, but Mostly After. You can read the first line of each story here.

As part of her virtual world tour to promote ‘Nude’, Nuala is stopping off here to answer questions about her writing and the path to publication. So come visit next Tuesday to answer questions about the book and her writing life. You can catch up on previous world tour stops by clicking on links from here and buy the book here.

See you tuesday.

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