Norway vs Ireland (if politics was a beauty pagent)

Norwegians are heading to the polls tomorrow so it seemed like an appropriate time to work on an equation to prove the proportional relationship between the attractiveness of Norway's party leaders compared to those in Ireland and the state of the each country's economy. I'm not ready to reveal it to you yet but I thought you might like a sneak preview in the form of photographic evidence.

Notice anything? Beside the absolute dishiness in my opinion (and I've seen him in the flesh I mean - suit and tie - too) of Norway's Prime Minister Jesn Stoltenberg, the other possible candidates for PM ain't half bad-looking either. They're also women.

Now have a look at the Irish lot. Scowling men in grey suits, prone to exagerrated hand gestures, who look as if they have both BO and halitosis.

What the hell. Sod the equation.

P.S. Sorry but can't manage to sort out captions but am assuming you can figure out which lot is which?

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