Weak teeth

Yesterday I bit down on a particularily chewy piece of muesli bread and broke the cusp off one of my molars. This molar has a very old ugly filling in it so I’m not sure there’s much hope for it. The cheaper option would certainly be to remove it. I’ve had a kind dentist recommended. I hope she is the Mother Therese of dentists because I haven’t let one touch me for almost five years out of pure fear. It’s not my fault I have weak teeth, and that despite brushing and flossing well beyond the recommended daily requirement, they may not see me into old age. Years back while working in Leeds, I had a butcher of a dentist remove the corresponding molar on the other side. He actually put his foot up on the dental chair and to pull it out. And thought my jaw was going to go with it. Later, in Manila, I refused the option of a bridge to replace it; at around 360 Euros it seemed expensive. I dread to think the cost I’ll be quoted for one this afternoon. But I suspect it’s that, or a liquid diet for the rest of my life, as I’ve discovered in the past day that the inability to chew on either side of one’s mouth really is an inability to chew altogether. 

And in other news.....In a stroke of genius, I answered the barnehage’s call for help at its summer party this afternoon by offering up table decorations (it was on the sign-up sheet, I didn’t just invent the requirement for them this time). So my flower arrangements may, if they survive the first party, go on to gladden the hearts of my friends at their farewell do on Saturday (see previous post if you are going 'Huh?!').

I'll miss party no. 1 because of the dentist but am sure that the liquid diet will work very well for party no.2. See? every cloud has a silver lining :-)


Kanadisches Madchen said...

Good luck with your tooth. I lost half of my molar while eating popcorn at work in a foreign country (IRE actually). That cost me dearly so I can sympathise.

Caroline said...

Hope you'r chewing by now :)

Joanne said...

I hope that white bit on the bread is not a piece of your tooth. I still need a tooth implant cos after receiving the quote to re-do it I have left it, looks bloody awful .. one day...one day.