Wonderful Copenhagen

We're off to see the in-laws tomorrow for our niece's confirmation on Friday. Apparently confirmations are a very big deal and an opportunity for teenagers to make copious amounts of cash. It seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with religion or spirituality. From my high atheist horse I disapprove of such shenanigans but am going along with the effort and expense of the three-day trip and hotel in Copenhagen out of cultural interest and a desire for marital harmony. In return I've been promised a trip to Tivoli. Not for me you understand, for the little children.
Copenhagen is like Oslo's hipper, trendier, more sophisticated cousin. I spy at least an hour snatched in some shopping environs on my weekend horizon, after I've trudged around Tivoli of course. And I will feel obliged to indulge in some genuine Danish pastries which really do taste a thousand times better in Denmark than anywhere else I've been in the world.


Caroline said...

I lost out on the copious amounts of cash due to my rebellious stupidity. ahh if only one could go back in time.....

Batgirl said...

Caroline, me too! Damn my pigheadedness. My nephew has learned, he went for the non-religious confirmation instead.

JEDA said...

Oh I so hear you and the confirmation headache! The oldest niece in the family turned 15 last year and we were obliged to make the trip, front the cash, and sit politely through all the speeches.

Dear Niece couldn't concentrate on any of it because her head kept drifting dreamily towards the gift table, mentally adding up the proceeds.

I'm doing my best to raise godless heathens so I can avoid the whole mess, but I only recently learned of this 'non-religious confirmation' Batgirl alluded to.

Grrrrrr. In the states this is what graduation is all about. SEND ME MONEY!!! But at least graduating from high school feels like sufficient enough accomplishment to warrent the cash gift. What has any 15 year old done to deserve such largess?

Ah well, at least you get a trip to Copenhagen out of the headache. All I got was a ferry ride to darkest Sogn og Fjordane.

Enjoy your weekend!

Sam said...

i only did mine a few years ago and nobody i knew got anything... accept the odd crucifix. now i feel like iv missed out on something! the choosing a 4th name part of it was pretty cool though.

have fun in copenhagen!

RennyBA said...

Wishing you a wonderful stay in Copenhagen. I lived there for almost two years and it a great city - more continental than Oslo or Stockholm.

OSLO said...

Caroline - is it too late to do an about turn?
Batgirl - your nephew sounds very sensible.
Jeda - We were treated to a list of what everyone gave - money and gifts - which was great for me as at the airport on the way over, hubbie suggested handing over an insane amount of money to his niece which really upset me. The list meant that he was able to see that the amount I suggested was still far more generous than that handed over by his siblings. Still the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth - in Ireland handing over monetary gifts is a very hush hush affair. Completely agree with everything you say on this!
Sam - I think it's a Catholic thing to choose a saint's name - does that sound right? My niece was only baptised in January as her family doesn't practice any kind of religion but as she wanted to be confirmed she had to join the church beforehand.
Thanks Renny. The architecture alone in CPH makes it far more interesting than Oslo and I definitely heard a lot more foreign languages being spoken that one does in the centre of Oslo.