That toilet charge thing - again

OMG! I actually thought he was joking but according to the morning's Irish Times, Michael O'Leary is serious about the proposal to charge passengers to use on-board toilets. He proposes that customers use their credit cards to swipe access to the toilets.
'.. if the airline was prevented from charging passengers on the way in to the toilet, it would impose the charge when they were on the way out. It would also impose soiling charges where appropriate,' the Irish times quotes O' Leary. 
Soiling charges! Oh pleeease! Does that mean a toilet inspection would be included in the price of a pee or poo, or would the customer have to pay for that too?! 
Would parents be allowed to take young children to the toilet, or would that incur a double charge? Even Harrods lets pregnant women use their toilets for free; would Ryanair do the same (with a doctor's certificate, of course (heavy sarcasm)).
Do you think he'll start distributing free coffee and delaying flights once passengers have boarded to increase his toilet-usage revenue? Will toilet paper be included in the tariff
So many questions, mostly tongue-in-cheek because you know, I STILL think this must be a joke. Only, I'm not really laughing. 
Either that, or O' Leary has genuinely, once and for all, lost the plot. 
Then again, a few years back, people probably thought the same about the prospect of being charged for taking luggage on holidays.


ELLY said...

i am agree with you, it must be a very bad joke!

jinjir minjir said...

Ryanair is like Facebook. Absolutely unnecessary and constantly annoying.

Simply-Mel said...

LOL at FB crack!!

I find this utterly believable. However this is because I live in South Africa where ABSOLUTELY ABSURD things are happening around me(even occasionally written into our constitution) daily.