St Patrick's Day Memories

There’s been a little discussion among some of my Facebook friends about what they’ll wear to next Saturday’s Oslo St Patrick’s Day Parade: wellies or skiis in any shade of green being the current options. I haven’t been to a St Patrick’s parade since I was a teenager; we’ve been away for a the past few, missing the Oslo gig.

The parade days of my childhood were always wet and cold; so cold that I was forced to wear a thermal vest underneath my Girl Guide uniform while marching. Lord, I didn't know what cold was. 

I don’t know what I’ll wear this coming Saturday. It doesn’t matter because no matter what I wear, I’ll always know that once I wore worse. Oh, so.. much... worse.

My Dad has always been an active citizen involved in various organisations in Kilkenny, some of which have entered floats in the local parade. One year, as you can see, I was tortured and forced to wear the above ‘thing’ and stand on a float, waving to all and sundry. I guess I was about 12 or 13. They probably told me to smile too but I somehow doubt I managed that. My youngest brother was too young to care, the other one must have got away scot-free and marched with the Boy Scouts. As you can see I was lovin’ it. No wonder I haven't been to a St Patrick’s Day in twenty years. 

For anyone interested, here are the details of this year's Oslo St Patrick's Day Parade:

The St Patrick's Day Parade will take place on Saturday 14 March, starting at 1200 from Youngstorget and finishing with ceremonies, speeches and activities at Universitetsplassen, Karl Johansgate. All welcome! 


Simply-Mel said...

I think your parents should be on bended knee....apologising profusely and offering you new shoes every month for the rest of your life!!

Such are the joys of looking back, yes?


Oh, you look like a marshmallow flavoured bumble-bee! Very cute really.
And I'm impressed that Oslo has a parade.
My 6 yr old is playing a painter (artist) in ours next Tuesday and he's beside himself with excitement, though it's usually a fairly lame affair. It's kind of lame and sweet. Unpolished.

Irish Mammy said...

How funny is that picture? Also your face, it has a complete disgusted look. At least now you have learned not to dress up your children for this year's parade?

beaverboosh said...

J, Nice costume. St. Paddy's day parade in Oslo eh. Is there no escaping the Irish?